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The Many Reasons To Visit SeaQuest Littleton

While there are many attractions that may seem similar to SeaQuest, the truth is that they offer an experience that can’t be compared. People of all ages have the opportunity to learn about wildlife from places all around the world. Many exhibits are arranged based on their place of origin, helping visitors to understand the differences in ecosystems based on their location.

One of the best parts of this attraction is that it allows its visitors to determine what type of experience they wish to have. For those that are seeking knowledge, there are many hands-on exhibits that facilitate learning in those of all ages. There are also many opportunities to interact with various types of wildlife, if one wishes to do so. In fact, for those that are more adventurous, there is an actuary in which you can walk right into and become surrounded by various types of birds and other wildlife.

If you really enjoy a thrill, then you will likely enjoy the opportunity to feed sharks, crocodiles, and other tropical animals. There is even the opportunity to take a swim with stingrays, sharks, and other aquatic animals in their 36,000-gallon tank. The type of experience that you have is really determined by what you are comfortable with, which makes this location very unique when compared to the rest.

Another absolutely unique experience that they offer is known as Sleep With The Sharks. With this package, you can have an immersive experience of what it is like to take care of the animals at SeaQuest. This includes learning about the night routines that are required to close the attraction and feeding the sharks. You then get to watch a movie and sleep next to their shark exhibit while enjoying popcorn that they will supply. In the morning you get a continental breakfast and an early morning bird feeding experience. This is followed by a tour of the opening procedures with a staff member. This is a great option for those with children that are especially intrigued by the idea of getting to work with animals as a career.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a sleepover, they also offer an inclusive birthday package that all children are sure to enjoy. Their basic package offers a party room and admission for up to 10 guests, with an additional charge for more people. It also includes an interactive animal experience for everyone in the party that can be chosen by the birthday boy or girl on the day of the party. There is also a special gift for the birthday child as well as special goodie bags for all of the guests. Also, unlike many other birthday venues, outside food and drink is permitted to be brought for the celebration. Be sure to contact them well in advance if this is something you think your child would enjoy to be sure that you are able to secure the party room on the time and day that you desire. Visit Roxborough State Park and check out the beauty and dramatic red sandstone formations.

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