Roxborough State Park

Enjoy The Natural Splendor Of Roxborough State Park

The area surrounding Denver is filled to the brim with natural splendor. For those who want to enjoy the clean, clear air and take in some of the most impressive natural vistas that the United States can offer the region has almost unlimited potential for exploration. One of the most impressive destinations for nature lovers is Roxborough State Park.

With around 4,000 acres to explore and some of the most dramatic red sandstone formations (the Fountain Formation with its embedded fossils may be of particular interest) in the State, the park attracts hordes of visitors. However, it is not only the geology that is impressive. The unique flora and fauna (including black bears, bobcat, mountain lion, and mule deer) also contribute to making this park one of the most popular destinations within easy reach of Denver.

This is a park that has something to offer each and every nature lover. Firstly there are of course the wonderful hiking trails. There are 9 trails meaning that there is a level of difficulty that will suit everyone from the novice hiker to those in search of a more challenging meander. In order to preserve the natural wonder of the area, the trails are limited to foot traffic (although this does mean that snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing are allowed on some specially designated trails).

For those who want to delve into the history of the park and the human settlements that have flourished in the area, it may be of interest to know that the park is a state repository for the archeological finds that have been located in the different areas of the park. These finds include evidence of human activity as far back as the Stone Age, as well as cultures that followed a hunter/gatherer lifestyle. The park is a repository for over 200 finds gathered from over 40 sites.

The park is open only today visitors so, unfortunately, those in search of camping options will have to look elsewhere. However, Lenny’s Rest in the National Forest offers the opportunity to camp – and that is within easy reach of the Roxborough State Park.

Getting to know the park, its geology, plants, and animals is a pleasure thanks to the guides that are available at the visitors center. The visitors center also has a gift shop and restrooms. For those who want to get an insight into the wonders of the park the center also has a DVD entitled ‘Footprints of Past & Present’ available for viewing. The visitors center also has an auditorium which will seat 30 people comfortably and is the perfect venue for corporate events.

For those who wish to celebrate their wedding in stunning natural surroundings, the park also offers two overlooks which will allow up to 25 guests to enjoy a day that will be forever etched in memory.

For those who are visiting the Denver area (or locals) a visit to the park is highly recommended. The sheer majesty of the rock formations is breathtaking, as is the flora, fauna, and the history of human activity in the area. A visit is both fun and educational. Visit Deer Creek Canyon Park and have a gaze with the wonder of grassy escape where elk, bears & cougars coexist with hikers, bikers & such amid rolling hills.

Roxborough State Park in Littleton, CO

4751 E Roxborough Dr, Littleton, CO 80125, United States